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    High CPU consumption with Pre 8


      Why does Pre 8 continue to run after I close it?  Running Vista Home Premium OS.  Each time I shut down Pre, I notice that my CPU usage meter stays at nearly 50%.  I have waited overnight and the usage does not go down even though the computer is not being used.  I have disconneced from the internet and that does not help.  The only way I can get the usage back to the normal, idle, 1-2 % is to open Task Manager and shut down Premier Elements.


      I have also uninstalled Pre, defraged my drives and then re-installed it.  No change.


      All other applications close down when I tell them to.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you applied the version 8 patch? That resolves a lot of v.8's issues.


          Go to the Help menu and select Check for Updates.(If you can't get it to work in Premiere Elements, do this with any Adobe product. The updater will update all of your Adobe programs at once.)

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            js.hess Level 1

            Steve:...Thanks for your suggeston.  I was in the middle of reinstalling PRE when I received your email.  I was trying the one thing that I had not done earlier when installing the application.  That being, not turning off my Norton firewall.  This time I did a complete removal of all of PRE, templates and everything then reinstalled it all, with no firewall and further more I shut down my LAN connection to the net.  The install went flawlessly.  BUT when I attempted to start PRE it choked and would not start and had an ERROR: 1, with the msg that I should consult my IT professional or Adobe for a sulution.  I don't have an IT professional and I can't find any mention of an ERROR 1 on the Adobe help sites.


            Thanks again for your help but I still have more problems.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I would recommend you contact Adobe Tech Support. Your issue may be too deep for us to troubleshoot it on these forums.

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                js.hess Level 1

                Thanks again Steve.  I reloaded everything two more times and still have the same problem.  It seems that once I start Premiere the CPU will not come back to its normal rest value, no matter what I do.  Task manager still shows that Premiere is still running even though there is no other evidence that it is running. Once I stop the application with task manager, things seem to be ok.


                BTW I did update to the rev suggested by Adobe and that didnt seem to make any difference.


                Many thanks for your efforts.  I guess tech support will be my next avenue.