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    Load and script problems in www-less URL

      I've recently discovered that my flash designed web sites do not execute certain scripts and a load image component correctly when the URL is input without the preceding www. The swf file does load properly and most of the actionscript works as intended, but all images loaded from an xml file through a gallery component and certain individual actions remain inactive on the site. Alternatively, printing the www in the URL results in the swf operating as intended without error.

      I've not been able to locate reference to others encountering the same problem. And though there are several options on the HTML side to address the issue, I would like to correct any problems in my script if it is not composed correctly. Given the circumstances, can anyone tell me whether this is caused by errors in my actionscript or just an unavoidable complication of web publishing? ( I realize it is difficult to determine whether there are errors in actionscript that hasn't been provided, but I'm looking specifically at the issue of URL versions and whether anyone has experienced the same)