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    Zooming in on portion of clip (person) smoothly?


      As most of you know already I am working on a highlight video for a college football player.  I am trying to zoom in on this player at the end of a particular play - when the camera actually follows a different player in the opposite direction.


      I searched the forum, and found Hunt's instructions - to select the clip - click on edit effect, and then use the motion to zoom/scale and then use the position to pan. 


      However -- I only want to do this at the very end of this particular clip.  So - I split the last few seconds of the clip into a few smaller clips to apply the scale/zoom & position effects.


      This results in a bit of a choppy clip -- because to zoom in and pan to this player, the effects have to be gradually increased (as the camera is moving the other direction).


      Is there any way to "smooth" these together?  Or am I simply doing this totally wrong to begin with??


      Thanks guys!!!