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    Please help! External swf loads into MC using Chrome/IE but not in FF/Opera (Test file attached)


      Please take a look at the attached folder to make sense of what I am will type now.


      (1.6Mb only)



      Enclosed is a test zip folder called "trouble_test.zip". Inside there is a HTML file called "main". Open it in your browser and follow the steps that I have indicated.


      My problem is that all the steps work offline/on local computer when using Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE but when online then they work inside Chrome and Safari browser only. What I mean is that Step 3  fails inside Opera and Firefox when online. File XL_11.swf does not load into XL(MC) which is inside the main.swf file



      As it works inside Chrome/IE so I assume it can't be a file path/destination problem. I assume it is the code on my "XL" button that could be the problem, but why does it work in Chrome and Opera online + in all 4 browsers when offline? I am completely lost. Please take a look as it will take only 2 minutes for anyone who understands AS2 (unlike me).




      Thanks for your time. This thing is holdign me back from finishing something lot bigger than the ttest file I quickly made to mimic the problem.