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    Problems with Pictues as buttons


      Hello all,


      I'm very new to Catalyst and flash in general so please excuse me if I don't quite make myself clear but here goes nothing. I'm creating a web site from a background psd file that I have in layers from Photoshop. Now I import that into FC and it looks great, I turn several layers into buttons and create rollover effects for those buttons now come the interesting part these layers are pictures that are angled at a 25% CCW rotation. They are setup in a kind of photo album layout. the problem that I'm having is that since they are so close to each other the buttons overlap not the actual pictures but the buttons as you can see from the picture I have uploaded. So the rollover still shows up on one button/picture while the mouse is actually over another. Is there anyway to make the frame of the button the same as the picture or am I going about this all wrong. any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.