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    Can't Find File/Dir info  Error 3 :: 30 and (-43)


      Please help me with this issue. There's very little previous mention anywhere about this sort of problem.


      I'm trying to open an After Effects file that I haven't opened in a while, and the footage I used in the project has since been deleted. When I click it to open it it gives me the message:


      After Effects Error: finding file/dir info for file "C://user// yada yada yada....Segment2.aep" file not found (-43) 

      3 :: 30


      All my plugins are still intact and I've tried everything mentioned on the one other thread about 3::30 (which only contained one suggestion).


      I really need to access this file as I did a lot of work in there that I can use again and save days of work, even though the footage the file used is gone.


      Thank you in advance!