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    Missing base class Events (flash.events) | Flex 4.1 SDK | Flex Builder 3




      I am experience the following problem, I am not able locate or find base class Events when I do "import flash.events;" - autocomplete does not work as well. in import flash. only available - flash.errors and flash.text


      However if I switch from Flex 4.1 SDK to Flex 3.2 SDK then no problem and I can add flash.events


      Flex 4.1 SDK version is, I also tried Flex 4.0 SDK, the same problem not able to find events.


      Require flash player version I tried both: 10.0.0 and 10.1.0 nothing helped.


      Could you please suggest what might be wrong. Unfortunately not able to find this info in the forum or google


      Thank you