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    Trial version problem when using more than 1 track - does trial version same as full one?


      I am thinking of upgrading to Premiere Elements 9 as I have upgraded my laptop. But the trial version Premiere Elements 9 doesn't even perform as well (with the same media) as Elements 4.0 did on my old laptop.


      My new laptop is an HP Pavilion with Intel(R) Core i7 Q720 @ 1.6GHz (I was a bit wary of the low GHz but HP explained that that was still better than a higher GHz figure for an i5).   I am editing both MP4 and avi files at 720 x 480.


      The problem is that as soon as I start to use more than a couple of video tracks, playback slows right up, making editing difficult.   Other software packages I have trialled on the new laptop (such as Sony Vegas) don't slow up at all, but I'd rather not buy them as I am very familiar with Premiere Elements now.


      Is this a problem with the trial version which woudl be solved if I bought the full version, or will it be the same?


      Thanks very much for any help