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    JVC Everio HD and PRE9 - Optimal Settings to Blu-ray burn


      I have a new GZ-HM550 (AVCHD 1920x1080/60i and have really been struggling with finding an NLE that I like.   I have plenty of computer (Dell Vostro, quad core, 4GB RAM, XP Pro, blu-ray burner) that I use for my photography business.   I've tried Pinnacle Studio (sucks - poor output), and now PRE9 and I'm not confident I'm doing it right because I can't get blu-rays to author properly - just won't play on the deck.   The only program I've found that works is the one that shipped with the JVC, and it's very limited in creativity.


      I Adobe Creative Suite CS4 on the machine, but didn't think to buy CS4 Premiere when I bought everything else.   CS5 Premiere would work, but only supports 64bit op systems and for now I need to stick with XP for other reasons - so I'm looking for a NLE that will work with these very large .mts files   I was hoping that PRE9 would be it, but so far I don't think so, everything seems to take forever, and it looks like it's transcoding when it burns to Blu-Ray - which I wouldn't think it should need to.


      Any guidance or advice on how to set up project and share options to get high quality output with this combination?  Desired projects will be wedding and event videos with relatively simple transitions and menu's but in highest possible quality to blu-ray disc

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          There are only two formats allowed on BD, HD MPEG-2, and BD-compliant H.264. Though the AVCHD is a sub-set of H.264, it is not quite the same as the BD-compliant H.264, so one will need to Transcode for BD authoring.


          One thing that I am not sure of (don't have PrE 9, so I cannot check), is whether PrE offers a choice of BD format. Others will be able to tell you though.


          Also, just as with DVD, I strongly recommend using the best quality blank media, when doing BD. The quality and playability will be much higher. Verbatim is about as good as it gets. Memorex is about as bad as it gets. Store brands, and many others, are nearly as bad as Memorex. What brand of blank media have you been testing on?


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            The key to getting good quality is the initial project settings at least as much as the output settings.


            Which settings did you select when you set up your Premiere Elements project? If you've selected the ideal settings, when you add your clips to the timeline there will be no red lines above them until you add effects or transitions. Is that happening?


            When you've got the ideal settings for your project, you'll get the best results from your output.