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    Just finished new build, have some questions.

    hellerbrewing Level 1

      OK, just got everything up and running:

      Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X58

      CPU: i7-950

      Case: Antec 1200 V3

      Ram: Crucial Ballistix Tracer 6GB (2GBx3) DDR3 1600 (another set on the way)

      GPU: EVGA GTX 470 superclocked

      HDD1: WD Velociraptor 150 GB SATA2

      HDD2: WD Black 64mb cache SATA3 WD1002FAEX

      HDD3: WD Black 64mb cache SATA3 WD1002FAEX

      OS: WIn7 pro X64


      Anyway, I have a few questions.


      1) The specs of the ram are 1600mhz, 1.65 volts, 8-8-8-24.  When I booted up the first time I went into the bios and checked out the automatic ram settings.  It put the ram at 1066 (target), 8-8-8-20 with a ton of other timing numbers I didn't mess with.  It sais the target voltage is 1.5V.  I figured that it was best for the ram to be at the reccommended settings so I went in and messed around a bit and finally settled on changing the "DRAM Frequency" from auto to "DDR3-1600" the "DRAM Bus Voltage" from Auto to 1.65V and the.  The timings were now at 9-9-9-24 so I notched them back down to 8-8-8-24.  Everything seems to run stable this way but the manual says that using DIMMS with a voltage requirement over 1.65V may damage the CPU.  Should I step the voltage down to 1.6 or possibly just leave it on auto so I don't damage the CPU?  Am I overclocking the CPU by setting the DRAM bus voltage to DD3-1600?  Oh yeah, I also changed the UCLK Frequency from auto to 3200mhz because it said it should be at least be 2x the DRAM frequency.  Really I am pretty new to overclocking and I want to make sure I am not going to damage anything.


      I did notice that while the ram is working hard there is a faint hum in the speakers.  I'm not sure if this is because of the increased voltage or not.


      More questions to come.....

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Look here: Adobe Forums: Overclocking the i7, a beginners guide


          Asus has a pretty conservative view on overclocking. Leaving things on Auto usually results in much higher voltages (and temperatures) than needed. For your memory, it is quite possible that 1.5 - 1.56V will run very stable and that will decrease temperatures.


          If you have not changed your BCLK setting, you are not overclocking your CPU.

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            hellerbrewing Level 1

            Thanks for the info!  I was worried that running the ram at less than the rated voltage would damage it or limit the lifespan but it seems that is not the case.  From one of the articles you linked, it appears that overclocking the ram doesn't provide that much benefit anyway.  I'll drop the voltage down a bit, run memtest86 and see if it runs stable.


            Ok, on to the next question....


            2) This was my second Win7 installation after mainly working with XP.  It seems that Win7 does a pretty good job of finding drivers for just about everything.  I know that the GPU drivers are important so I went in and uninstalled the drivers that windows found and reinstalled the latest from evga that seemed to be directly from nvidia.  For the rest of the components (marvel SATA6 controller, USB3 etc...) is it reccommended to just install the drivers from asus over what is already there or should I try to uninstall what was loaded by windows?


            3) Speaking of the GTX470, it seems like the fan speed is automatically controlled (hardware?) without the extra EVGA precision software.   Is there somewhere that you can edit the fan speed/temperature profile?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Go to http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us and download the latest drivers.


              For the rest there is no need to install extra drivers. Just let Win7 take care of that.


              You can manage the fan speed in the nVidia Control panel. For instance like this:



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                Alright, another issue....


                Last night I connected one of my WD1002FAEX to the Marvel 9128 SATA3 connector.  My contention for not having all the drives connected initially was that I would connect them one at a time after my windows install was complete so I would know exactly which drive letter corresponed to which drive, being that they are identical.  Anyway, after I did this I noticed that the device manager was complaining that there was no driver installed for the controller so I downloaded from asus and installed.  I went in to disk management and added the drive and set it to format.  I came back a while later and the drive was not even listed in disk management anymore.  I thought that maybe the driver did not take yet since I had not restarted so I restarted the machine and tried to format it again.  I came back later and same story, the drive was gone.


                I know I can connect the drive to the SATA2 Intel ICH connectors and probably not see much of a performance loss, but I would like to find out what the issue is with the marvel connectors.  I was doing some reading in my motherboard manual and I noticed that all of the SATA connectors are in IDE mode by default.  Do these drives need to be in AHCI mode to function properly?  I also read in another thread that you pretty much need to make this change before you install windows.  It wouldn't be a huge deal to do another reinstall as it goes pretty quick and there is not that much to do post install with win7.


                Any insight as to why this drive is dropping out would be appreciated.

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                  Searching for "Marvell" in the newegg reviews for the sabertooth reveals that this is a pretty common problem.  Most people are saying that performance is better on the Intel controller anyway.  If I run these drives on the SATA2 ports do I need to jumper them on 5&6 to limit them to GB/s or is it better not to?


                  Edit:  Interesting article