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    Student and Teacher Edition (AU) ..types of universities..


      Hi, I'm from Australia. I want to purchase a Student and Teacher edition. I study at... https://www.open.edu.au currently. I have a student card from them that I could use for verification, but I'm not sure if they would be eligable. See, they are called "Open Universitites" but they send you to other unis to do the work with... e.g. in my case, Griffith University (which I know Griffith would most likely be okay, but I don't have a proper ID from them).


      Yes, they do have courses longer than 2 years. I'm just not sure if I can use Open Uni as proof, or if I would have to hunt down some document to show from Griffith.


      If anyone has any clue to this, help would be appreciated. If it is out of the scope of your expertise, coud you at least direct me to an email adress or something from adobe I can send my question to? Everytime I try to find a form of contact with them offically, the criteria of my question doesn't quite fit, so I'm confused.


      Thanks in advance. I just don't want to buy a program and find out I'm not actually eligable for the student edition!