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    Problem importing still photos from digital camera.  Any help please?

    H S Stu

      I wanted to put together a little Premier Pro CS5 project using 20 stills from my Sony digital camera.  When I go through the various options to import them

      into my project (Import, Import through Bridge, etc) I get 20 different file names in the Project panel but instead of 20 different photos (as expected) I have 20 copies of the same photograph.


      Wow, that is frustrating.  The closest item in the support logs I could find was this one (see below), but that work around is both over my head and very time consuming.




      I found another discussion along these same lines and it appears that no solution has been found.


      I hope I am not asking too much of my $1,000 software program to say, "Please pull in these 20 pics so I can work with them in the timeline."  I just want to hit import and go.


      I am using a Win7 computer with a Sony camera taking 3 mega-pixel shots.  Again, all looks to be going well (all 20 filenames in project panel are different) but when those files are opened they are all the same picture.


      I've rebooted, opened and close PrPro, tried renaming the pics from the standard dsc123.jpg convention to something else - all to no avail.  I would find it hard to believe that a program this powerful could struggle with such a simple chore - am I doing something incorrect?


      Thank you for any help!



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          H S Stu Level 1

          More info about the issue.  This is also a hit-and-miss error, as once you find a way that will appear to work and you say to yourself, "Finally!  I figured it out!"


          But once you go to the next photo to pull it in and get on with your project you find that you are pulling in multiple copies of the same picture as the one

          you just pulled in.


          This same problem occurs if you attempt to import using the Media Browser, and as an interesting footnote, the Media Browser window has a drop down

          list.  When you click each of your different file names, there it is - the same picture.  I've invested 1.5 hours in attempting to find a work-around by importing, renaming, saving, right-clicking, using context menus - everything my 43 years of computer use can muster - but still no luck.


          The last time that I created a project similar to this (a mix of video and stills) it worked just fine so that is even more of a head-scratcher for me.


          I even went back and re-imported the pics that worked fine into the project that I am struggling with and they came in fine - no duplication.  But vacation pics are the only copies I have and I just need to import these 20 shots and get to work on them.


          I would be willing to let someone get my IP address and connect directly like my IT folks at work do so they could see what is going on with this.

          Thank you again for any assistance!