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    Activating an old copy of CS2

    Steven Carter



      I recently bought my daughter an iMac on eBay for schoolwork. For my business I have long owned licensed copied of CS2 and 3. I wanted to install CS2 on her iMac so she could access Photoshop and Illustrator in case she wanted to teach herself some image creation/manipulation. I spent the 30 minutes or whatever installing from the original CS2 disks, but when it came to activation at the end of the process, there was no response from the activation servers.


      Does this mean that the installation will expire after the statutory 30 days or will she be able to carry on using these obsolete versions?


      Just to be clear, I have one copy of CS3 installed on my work laptop - that's the only installation of the Adobe CS products I've purchased over the years that is active.