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    Access of pdf-Files via hardlinked folders


      I use adobe reader X version 10.0.0. The reader does not access files from a folder which is hardlinked as a hardlink junction (NOT a simple windows shortcut). One can access the file from the original folder but not from the junction. Elder versions of the reader acessed these files without any problem, other programs still access files via the junction. The error message is "Runtime error, abnormal program termination". The operating system is XP sp3.

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          I've got the same problem. I have my files in a local folder, opening them there works fine. Now I have an junction folder on my desktop pointing to that original folder. Opening other files (Word, etc.) works fine, but opening files with Adobe Reader X doesn't work, the error message is: "Beim Öffnen des Dokuments ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Zugriff verweigert." (translates to "When opening the document, an error has occurred. Access denied."). Version is Adobe Reader X v10.0.1, OS is Win7 Home Premium x64.



          Christian Weber.