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    Flash Builder 4 - design view - states basedOn + design area widget

    sebpatu2000 Level 1


      Since i updated my project from Flex 3 to Flash Builder (4), i have very annoying issues in the design area.

      The one in Flex 3 was quite usefull, but the new version is not easy, and straight forward usable.


      Here are the 3 issues:


      - when i have states designed from another one, i use the basedOn mxml attribute, which was used in Flex 3  and still exist in SDK 4 states system.

      But the designer view in Flash Builder don't take those basedOn properties in account!

      What can i do? and is it a known bug?


      -  When i have at least one precific state, i must define a defautl state, in the new SDK. Ok, but in design view, i cant add a new component without making the change only for one state. I can only make the change for the default state, but it will not be taken in account for all the other states, like i can do in Flex 3.

      What i want to be able to do this: making changes in design view without selecting ANY state.

      Is it possible? How can i do?


      - In flex 3, there were a design area widget to select the resolution used for the preview design.

      It was very usefull when the application has very dynamic width and height.

      In Flash Builder, this widget has been removed.

      Why has it been removed? and how can i preview my mxml views wihtout changing width and height values?




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          States in DV is p lanned to be revisted. Please file the issues/suggestions as JIRA bugs.

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            Tom Decaux

            I absolutely agree ! The design view of Flash builder is just useless now, it was nice before, now its a nighmare to deal with .... Update means improve the product or I am wrong ?


            I still don't understand why xCode of Apple cost 80€/year and is fantastic, but Flash Builder (which is based on the free Eclipse...) is expensive (and you have to buy the update every year...) and never work as good as it should ?


            Sorry but I am not very happy to buy something doesnt work at 100% !

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              sebpatu2000 Level 1

              The update has been improved in every other areas, so it is not that much important.

              I just hope that the new release will fix that (as it has been answered to my post).

              The only thing i don't like in new releases of FB is that when the architecture of SDK is aimed to seperate the work between design and code, they focused only on catalyst to create the tools to manipulate design, and they forgot to keep an easy way to do design app directly in FB (with the design view and the style properties of MXML in FB3). But i'm confident that they will give such a tool soon.

              But for now, if you don't like the restriction of the new release, you can continue to work with Flex 3 for 0$! And even in Flex 4, you can create MX components for which the design view will work as before. The fact that tools can manage a mix between MX and Spark components is a great thing. It is up to you to choose which you need which its own advantages and drawbacks.


              Xcode is real pain to use with outdated ergonomy. It is only usefull to code in Objective C which is another real pain to do.

              XCode can be cheapper because all Apple products are quite expansive, so the software to create softwares for them can be much more cheapper.

              And Apple get a good revenue share from AppStore, so again they can give a cheap soft to create apps. You also have to pay 100$ to be able to send app to appstore, in ly opinion the good price for XCode should be 0$, not even 80$!


              Flash builder 4 is very stable, but if you don't like it, you can choose another tool. Main competitor has no designer at all!