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    Continuous Crashing ---- ugghhh!!

    shiffsportsmarketing Level 1

      I have been reluctant to post this for a couple of days -- trying to figure out the problem by going through all materials I could find..


      I just tried to call tech support -- but alas - they are only open Monday-Friday (ugghh!).


      My program is continually crashing -- during seemingly very simple tasks - such as moving a clip from one place to another on the timeline.  It also seems to be running VERY slow -- it will hang up just while scrolling (attempting to) down the timeline.


      The source clips that I am working with on this project are quite large -- but since they are housed on my internal hard drive and are only linked to the project -- that shouldn't be a problem, correct?


      I am on a Mac running the latest version of Snow Leopard, only 6 months old, with 4 GB of ram and 800 GB of hard disk space free.


      I'm wondering if because I originally downloaded the trial version of Premiere Elements 9, and then purchased the software the following day and entered the serial number sent to me -- maybe I need to reinstall somehow?  Just thinking outloud...


      Thanks again to everyone for all of your help!


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Having only one internal HDD will be a performance limitation, but that should not manifest itself with crashing, only slowness.


          I would urge you to post more details on your Assets and also your Project. This ARTICLE will give you tips on the info that would be very useful.


          Now, this ARTICLE is very PC-centric, but maybe some of the concepts will translate to the Mac. The Win tuneup tips, etc., will obviously not apply to the Mac OS, and I have to admit that I have no clue where one could find good Mac OS tuneup tips for video editing. Maybe other sill have worthwhile resources for you.


          As PrE 9 was the first version of PrE, ported for the Mac, the majority of the contributors here are on a PC. Some might know both platforms well, like Steve Grisetti, but I am a Mac-illiterate. Still, Steve has been running PrE 9 on an iMac, with few issues, so perhaps he can offer some useful tips. I would also urge him to update some of the FAQ entries, with Mac resources too.


          Good luck, and like the Effects thread, wish that I had something really useful for you.



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            Amit Kumar Gupta Adobe Employee

            shiffsportsmarketing, can you post your Crash log here? that would be helpful to nail down the issue