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    Device Error-The Target Device Isn't Suitable For Use


      I read this in another forum after I experience this problem. Hope it helps some of you. I encountered the problem when I was exporting my finished movie. I had added a few effects like transitions and menu makers as well as stop markers to my timeline. When I went to Share, Create Disc and was exporting to a folder on my drive so I can preview the movie before I actually burn it to a Disc. During encoding well after 50% it stopped and said "DEVICE ERROR-THE TARGET DEVICE ISN'T SUITABLE FOR USE". I tried a few things that were normal when trying to export.


      1. Restarting.

      2. Created a new folder.

      3. A different drive.

      4. A DVD-RW.


      Nothing was working, so I turned to Adobe forums and others like it. I found that Stop Markers can cause problems as well as some menu markers. It advised to delete the markers and try exporting again. Sure enough it worked, it exported with no problem. But I didn't like that after watching to video and reaching the end it would go to the next chapter without going back to the menu like most DVD videos do after playing. So I restarted Premiere and added all my Stop Markers to the timeline and began to export the movie and it worked just fine. I'm guessing that it just needed to be deleted and added again later after doing a restart so the computer has a fresh cache. Restarting computer works well after 1 hour of editing.