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    Accordion selectedIndex problem


      Hi everybody,

      I am trying to set my selectedIndex property to a certain value for my accordion upon click.


      Here is my code snippet



      public function changeItemClick():void{


      if(inboxView.inboxGrid.selectedIndex == -1 && (applicationVs.selectedIndex == 1))


      applicationVs.selectedIndex = 0;


      "Please select a task " + String(applicationVs.selectedIndex));







      id="applicationVs" change="changeItemClick();" width="100%" height="100%" historyManagementEnabled="true" creationPolicy="all" >






      The problem is. when the functions are satisfied, the selectedIndex doesnt get assigned to 0 again.

      It stays at 1.

      Did anybody encounter such a problem? Could someone suggest a workaround. Please?

      Really appreciate your help

      Thank you