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    Can't install LR 3.3 on new Win7 Pro x64

    BallyHi Level 1

      Have a new Win7 Pro x64 computer (clean OS install) and trying to install LR 3.3.  No problem downloading from Adobe and installer tries, but hangs on error 1935 before complete installation.  Tried redownloading application with same install result and error code.  Also, disabled virus protection and no other apps were running except explorer which was connected to Adobe site.  Any thoughts?  Anybody else have this problem?


      An update:  I contacted Adobe techical support about this problem (on line chat) and they were able to resolve the issue.  All that I can see that was done by tech support (who was controlling my screen remotely) was to download .NET 4 from Microsoft and install it on my OS.  After that, LR installed OK.  Problem fixed, even though I don't really know exactly how.  Thanks TECH SUPPORT !!