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    Can I  combine catalogs?

    pfpressel Level 1

      I have just added a 2 terabyte disk driive to my PC

      and I wouldlike to combine catalogs.  I keep getting the message that a file is in the catalog but it isn't showing up.  Also, while I am trying to add clips, all I get are the red clips- lots of different languages.  Any idea how I stop that?  I think it has to do with my moving some files, but how do I correct if that is it


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Is the display similar to this?



          If so, then it is telling you that your media is Offline. The catalog, like the Project file, is only a link to where the file was, when entered into the catalog. It is most likely that the Path now, does not match the Path then. All it takes is a new drive letter, or similar.


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