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    Graphics changing at whim?!

      I wonder if anyone else has run across this problem. I was a good girl and searched the support and the forum threads first, but don't see anything similar, so here goes...

      I am using RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2, Build 801. What I am finding is an intermittent problem wherein I open a help file to edit it, and find that a screenshot has been replaced by another from elsewhere in the project, and the new one has also been expanded in size. It is the expanding, which results in distortion of the screenshot, that always catches my eye first, but when I examine it, I find that it is also the wrong graphic. I'll find it in files I haven't touched in ages, and cannot imagine how it's happening. The only other wrinkle I can add as a clue is that, generally, the graphics are tagged conditional and are not published to the web; we only use them in our written documentation when I export to Word for the training department. At this point, though, I'm going to have to review 100s of files to check the graphics, replace the bad ones, and with no guarantee that whatever poltergeists are moving things around won't keep doing it.

      Any thoughts, anyone? I'd be much obliged.