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    Premiere Pro Refuses to Load the Correct Clip.

    xavierpayne Level 1

      Oh man, Premiere has been hosing my projects with extreme prejudice and causing me to seriously question my sanity.


      Here's what's going on.


      I open an existing project and scrub through a sequence only to find that certain clips in the sequence seem to be random crap from other clips and not what I'd put there originally...


      After closer inspection I've learned that what's actually happening is PPro is for some reason loading the wrong clips.


      For example if I go to my video directory in Windows Explorer I can see by the thumbnail that the clips 00026.MTS and 00027.MTS are clearly different videos. I can futher confirm this by opening and playing them in windows media player.


      PPro Refuses to believe it, however. It will allow me to import them and show them as two seperate files. But both clips in premiere show a thumbnail from 00026.MTS. And in both the preview, and sequence views it shows the video from 00026.MTS regardless of which I use. As far as it's concerned those two are the same video 00026.MTS.


      I've tried rebooting.

      I've tried running chkdsk (found no errors).

      I've tried moving all the projects to a brand new drive.

      I've tried deleteting my Media Cache and Media DB.

      I've tried making the video offline then re-linking to it.

      I've tried right clicking and replacing the media.

      I've tried creating a brand new project and importing just the problem clips.

      I've tried enabling and disabling GPU Accelerated Playback.

      I've even tried unstalling and re-installing CS5.

      I've tried going back to CS4 (I was running CS4 for a year, as I upgraded my projects I saved seperate CS4 & CS5 versions of each) Both projects are hosed in both applications.

      I've pulled older versions of the projects from backup (that I know for a fact were good) and they open hosed as well.


      I have found no way to resolve the issue.


      I have 3 other projects exhibiting similar behavior with other clips. It's ruined any chance I have at re-rendering previous projects and stopped cold some of my new ones.


      Bonus. It's driving me insane.


      Is any one else experiencing this? Is there anything I can do? :-(