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    OSX Output module filename Dialog - cannot click on grey files

    prowl Level 1

      Odd problem.


      OSX 10.5 - mac pro - CS5.


      I am rending lots of Test .mov files.  Different parts of one Comp. ( comp1 )


      They are all in one testing folder.






      Now I am constantly overwriting these with new versions. Now all of a sudden for some reason when I click on the "output to:" filename - (default to comp1.mov) to change it it say filename2.mov, I cannot click on the greyed out filename2.mov. nothing happens.  Used to work - but just stopped for some reason!?


      Now this works fine in the the rest of the program - ie in the save as dialog and the rest of the OS.


      I know it's not a major thing - but the filenames are actually about 30 characters long and I will eventually have hundreds.


      Any idea why this is happening


      Many thanks