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    Help with best solution for file read/write in web app (not local files)


      Problem in a nutshell...

      I have an AIR app to process images..  organize and add information. This information is read and written to local XML files. This is working fine (if still a be messy... still learning this OOP stuff ;O)


      So... now I am developing my Web gallery app to consume these files for a web gallery (unique concept huh? ;O)


      Reading them in was easy with the Declaration block....




      <fx:XML id="galleryXML" source="gaXML.xml"/>


      <fx:XML id="baXML" source="baXML.xml"/>


      <fx:XML id="prjXML" source="prjXML.xml"/>


      <s:XMLListCollection id="galleryList" source="{galleryXML.item}"/>


      <s:XMLListCollection id="baList" source="{baXML.item}"/>




      But I want the owner to have a maintenance mode where information can be added/changed and saved back to the XML file on the server. I have read about all the different services available, but I am not that familiar with them. Also I will have no way of knowing what services the user will have available on their host. So... help me out in understanding what the most universal solution would be to be able to read and write XML files stored on the host along with the application.


      I hope that is clear enough, but ask away if any more details will help in the discussion.



      Bob Galka