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    Confusion over color models . . .

    Michael Rutledge Level 1

      I am a bit confused over the color wheel/model that Kuler uses.

      I think I remember reading somewhere it is based upon HSV model

      but it seems to be RYB

      I've seen the post about complementary colors. There seems to be a discussion about RYB being the model that many artists use with no mention of HSV.


      RYB is mostly only used as a subtractive model for mixing pigments... painters. Even that is less accurate than CMY

      Since all of Adobe's products of the digital realm meant for Additive monitors, and CRTs or Print why don't you use Additive RGB or subtractive CMY as the model?

      My students need to how to work in these models not RYB


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          atjain Adobe Employee

          The logic with the RYB color wheel on kuler is described in details within the following thread:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/75007. You can refer to it for more information regarding the idea of using it over kuler.



          Kuler Team.

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            Michael Rutledge Level 1

            OK I understand the logic of the HSB/HSV - which as was pointed out is not RYB though you color expert refers to it that way.

            here's the logic I don't understand


            "This wheel was invented by by Johannes Itten, a Swiss color and art theorist.

            The color wheel does not correspond with the different types of color receptors in the human eye and instead reflects how pigments are mixed when painting." (by the way get a tube of magenta and cyan, mix equal amounts and see what happens)


            Your color expert adds wikipedia as a source.

            Did they look at the first two paragraphs?


            "RYB (an abbreviation of red-yellow-blue) is a historical set of colors used in subtractive color mixing, and was once thought to be the set ofprimary colors. It is primarily used in art and design education, particularly painting.


            It predates much of modern scientific color theory, which has demonstrated that magenta, yellow, and cyan is the correct set of colors to use when mixing pigment. Red can be produced by mixing equal parts of magenta and yellow, and blue can be produced by mixing cyan and magenta (though slightly more cyan than magenta is needed to produce the hue most commonly associated with the color blue)." ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RYB_color_model )


            The people that use Kuler are not painters. We don't mix pigment. In fact how many ADOBE customers are? We use devices that use the Additive model RGB OR we are using Monitors to Determine process color for Printing. Subtractive CMYK.

            I've been working in video and multimedia since 1995 In order to be able to use color effectively in those systems I Had to learn to use RGB . . . I could not mix color using RYB. That hasn't changed.

            Now I'm trying to teach my students how to use color effectively for all types of graphic design and they don't understand that Kuler uses a different model.



            Thanks for your time.