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    Animation Issue


      I'm currently working on updating my website and wanted to include some animation on one of the pages.  Here's what I'm attempting to do:


      On the page (amidst the navigation buttons and all), there would be a rounded rectangle shape, sort of like a TV screen.  On this particular shape images of various pictures would appear, fading in and out, one after the other, as a loop.


      The problem is that I have already used the navigation buttons as the "states", and have no idea how exactly to have the animate the pictures.  I have looked through the tutorials and some workbooks, but so far they've been of little help.


      Currently using Creative Suite CS4 Premium on Windows XP (SP3).

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Build the animation as a separate file or on a new page. Export the file and insert it into your HTML page design.


          That's the quick answer.


          If you have alot of images you are transitioning between, though, I'd recommend building this in Flash. The GIF animation could become quite large in file size.

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