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    Why can't I save a PDF


      After updating to the current version of reader the ability to save PDFs I am viewing has essentially gone away.  This is horribly and completely unacceptable.


      For a while clt shift s seemed to work; but even that no longer seems to work.


      How and I save a PDF I am viewing from an online source? This seriously needs to be in the main stream of right click, and any other approaches to a PDF. There is minimal utility to viewing but not being able to save.


      Using Win 7 64 bit and Firefox.


      The problem seems to be confined to Firefox.  I downloaded the same file with IE and was able to save it using clt/shift s. Just like I used to be able to do (a week or so ago, maybe) with Firefox. And as far as I know I have not updated anything related to Reader. Might be related to a Firefox add-on update.


      It is stupid that I have to use those keyboard shortcuts to do something that was always avaialble on the Reader screen; but now even those shortcuts don't work. Adobe really has never gotten used to the idea that Windows exists. They certainly have disdained the common usage rules of Windows. Like download/update etc. But this sucks a lot.


      Short note to Adobe - user accounts should not be the email address and then have the user name as another field.  The account needs to be under the user name. If you insist in doing this your way, at least display the fact that you, among very few other net sources, use the email address when presenting the login screen.  That IS NOT the same as user ID.


      Yall just don't get it.  Hire a Windows person. Please. Please.


      Do not assume I think Windows is superior in any way except market domination.


      Keep in mind, this is my PC; not yours.