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    Caret on textInput never goes away

    fedster72 Level 1

      I have a login form with various textInputs and a submit button. If you submit proper login credentials the system unloads the login view and loads the app view. Pretty standard. Unfortunately I've noticed this weird bug where if you hover over one of the textInput boxes with the mouse, then fill the form using only the keyboard (and leave the mouse parked on top of the textInput), and then tab to the submit button and press the space bar, i.e. login via keyboard, the mouse cursor will remain a caret in the new view, no matter what you do (move, click), until you find another textInput to undo the cursor state.

      I've tried to do all sorts of stuff via CursorManager but nothing seems to do the trick. I've tried dispatching events ROLL_OUT or MOUSE_OUT events to the textInput but that doesn't do the trick either.

      I've tried to reproduce this in a small example and have not been able to, which I realize makes helping me that much harder. Would still love to hear if anyone has dealt with something similar or hear of any pointers that may sound connected.

      thank you!