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    Workflow help with Sony EX1r and CS5

    El Dorado Media Ted

      Hello all,


      I just upgraded from my Standard Def Sony PD-150, and CS3, to the Sony EX1r and CS5 which brought with it the need for a new computer and a whole new set of questions.


      I am doing some test projects and need some start up help to make sure I am using the right settings.


      I will be filiming an indoor corporate video and the end result will end up being posted on their website.  I will also need to produce a DVD for them to hand out to their customers.


      I need to know:


      #1     The best setting to use when I film on the EX1r, for example HQ 1920/60i ?


      #2     What project settings do I use when setting up the new project in Premiere?


      #3     What is the best setting to use for output for the internet?


      #4     What project settings to use for building the DVD.   I want it to play full screen on widescreen TVs.


      The test project I am doing is 1920 x 1080  29.97.  Looks great in Premiere but when I burn to DVD and playback on widescreen TV it does not take up the full screen and the video it a bit pixelated.

      Please help


      I know it is a lot of information to ask.  I appreciate any help you can give to clear up my confusion with all these new settings


      Thank you