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    exporting size after effects to premiere cs3


      Hi..I am using sony 1080 footage...I have settings for composition set at that size..but when I render out the footage to put into a premier time line it comes out too small for the time line and I have to enlarge it by 25 percent..though it saysin the details on premiere it is the same size as the other footage in the time line when paced on the premiere time line it is too small..any ideas how to export this out of after effects to fit the premiere time line..please help...it is driving me crazy

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What exact settings do you use in both programs and what do you use as transfer file format? Sounds like you are using an MPEG format like H.264, but using the wrong profile level so it gets scaled to comply with the spec. similarly, you could be making a mess of aspect ratios by chosing a format/ CoDec that doesn't handle this metainfo properly. Impossible to tell from your limited information...