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    Video/Project keeps re-rendering when trying to preview


      Brand new user to AE or any of the Adobe Products for that matter. Recently purchased a brand new computer that is powerful enough to hold and run these programs. 1TB of memory and 12Gigs of Ram and top of the line graphics card... Most of my rating scores is 7.5 out of 7.9 if that helps.


      So, I've been following this tutorial



      I've made a couple of modifications since he didn't explain how to keep the text longer in place without messing with everything else, all I did was increase the duration, from 2seconds to 11seconds.


      After a few modifications and still not satified, I tried too preview it. It renders fine like everyother time but whenever it goes back and im here expecting to play smooth but it starts to render it again.


      I zoomed out of the timeline to see what's going on. I see two separate render lines (green lines or whatever you call them) from opposite ends. When my marker reaches the end of the green line from the beginning, the green line from the end starts to deplete. So now I'am stuck and can't do anything about it really. Tried looking it up on google and nothing. So I decided to come here hoping to get the answer.


      Also, if you guys know any good places that has tutorials, please post them and if you can, no video tutorials please.


      Please and help would be greatly appreciated