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    Error "Registration information is invalid" when you start Premiere Elements 7 (Windows)

    Sam aka Myelsamy


      When you start Adobe Premiere Elements 7 for the first time, Premiere Elements returns the error message "Registration information is invalid. Please reinstall Adobe Premiere Elements."


      Do one of the following solutions:

      Solution 1: Install Premiere Elements 7 using the Premiere Elements 7 serial number.

      If you purchased Premiere Elements bundled with Photoshop Elements, you may have used the Photoshop Elements serial number included in the pack to install Premiere Elements. Uninstall Premiere Elements and reinstall Premiere Elements using the Premiere Elements serial number.

      Note: The Premiere Elements serial number starts with the number set 1143. The Photoshop Elements serial number starts with the number set 1057.

      Solution 2: Use a Company Name with 40 single-byte characters or fewer, or 20 double-byte characters or fewer.

      When installing Premiere Elements, you are asked to provide a user name, a company name, and a serial number. While the company name field is not a required field for installation, if you choose to enter data, do not enter a name that contains more than 40 single-byte characters or more than 20 double-byte characters.

      Note: A single-byte character is any character in the standard ASCII character set. English language characters are all single-byte characters. Double-byte character code uses two bytes to represent one character. The double-byte character set was developed for the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters sets. Many extended ASCII characters are also double-byte.

      Solution 3: Install Premiere Elements to a location that does not contain extended ASCII characters in the file path.

      Do not install Premiere Elements to a location that uses extended ASCII characters in the file path. Extended ASCII characters include characters such as , –, ›, †, ‡, ‘, Ÿ.

      Note: The default installation path for Adobe Premiere Elements does not contain extended ASCII characters.