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    Removing microphone crackle noise from a video


      Hi there,


      Please could anyone offer some advice on how to remove a "crackly" noise from my video?  The "crackle" appears to have come from the microphone that was clipped to a shirt, and as the speaker moved, the microphone picked up and recorded the scraping noise!


      I have had a go with the audio effects in Premiere Elements, but haven't had any luck removing the noise, unless the sound gets distorted.  I am new to Premiere Elements but have a gut feeling that I will probably need to re-record the speaker again.  I thought I would ask the question, just in case there was some method I haven't found / understand yet.


      Thank you

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          I'm also new to elements...

          but I do produce music, so I guess what would be better for you is use a sound editing program and control the noise with a "Gate" effect

          which will be as a "gate way" to what will go in the sound and what will stay out..

          thats what I use while recording My singer to leave the background noise out of the recording...


          hope it will help you some how...

          I do hope that there is a simple way in Premiere Elements...

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            nealeh Level 5

            There are 23 Audio Effects in PRE9. The Denoiser and the NewBlue effects may be of help.




            The Dynamics effect includes a 'Gate' checkbox - is that what you're looking for?




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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              From within PrE, I think that you have gotten good advice. The ability to remove transients from Audio is a bit limited in a video-editor, and can take a lot of experimenting.


              There is something a bit better, but requires additional programs to accomplish. Even then, experimenting and critical listening will be needed. The first is an inexpensive, but great audio program, Magix Audio Cleaning Lab. With just the default settings, it does an amazingly good job with such things, though might never be perfect. I then use Adobe Audition, which has a Transient Repair Tool, and must be applied by hand, for each Transient that remains. It is NOT inexpensive, but so very powerful. This ARTICLE will give you a bit more info, plus a link to the Magix program.


              Also, I would check out what is inducing the crackle into the audio stream. Usually, this is because of a bad connection in the chain. Fixing things there, is the best course, for the future.


              Good luck,