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    Hi, I need help extracting a video in the best HD, got this not so great test:


      Hi everyone,

      I've recently purchesed the Premiere Elements 9,

      I use the Panasonic HDC HS700 which is a great camera...


      I tried like a million times to export a video with different HD settings but I can't find the ultimate to show the real quality of My HDC HS700


      check out this clip I just made:



      I used MPEG export with 1280 resolution,

      what are the parameters that need to be adjusted to get the best out of the export?


      I've tried the H.264 codec but it keeps messing around with the size of the video so it plays like a square 4:3 really messes up the original 16:9

      though I was using 16:9 settings...


      I hope I could get some help here.

      Thanks in advance,