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    RDS server Error in Conncting to Blazeds  Data source in Flashbuilder 4


      hi all,

      I have a problem with my flash builder 4 with connecting to Blazeds  data source error.jpg

      First i have installed Flash Builder 4  and Tomcat 6.0  and  create projects , fine they work.Then i installed WTP plugin for eclipse since i need

      to develop J2ee/Flex combined application  it works with out data intigration fine ,but when i want to connect  Blazeds data source then i use the tutorial

      in following url :-




      but i dont success on it ,i followoed  all steps in that tutorial  but above error still occurs, According to tutorial  i have put web.xml file and flex(which contains flex config files) folder to applications /WEB-INF  folder and uncomment rds data section .

      Could any one plese tell me  where is the problem is , any help would be appriciated

      Best regards,