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    SWF Size


      Hi everybody,


                I am new t this forum, i saw a swf fiel with only 7kb that file contains 9 images (each 50 kb approx), my swf file contains 7 images (each 40 kb approx) , but my swf file size is 242 kb.is there any software to compress the swf file.pls anybody help me bcos i upload the swf file in my site it takes time to load.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Load your images dynamically.

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            sourcew Level 1

            thanx for your reply  Mr.Ned  Murphy, i am very new to creating swf files, i dont know how to load images dynamically, i say what i did i import 7 images to library and insert 7 key frames ,and drag each image to each  key frame and also inserted 12 frames for each key frames.in Publish settings make jpeg quality low. pls tell me more how to load images dynamically

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You should search Google for a tutorial for whatever version of Actionscript you are using.  Use search terms "AS3 Loader tutorial" or "AS2 MovieClipLoader tutorial"