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    Cluster and Content services

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          In our environment, we have two nodes in a cluster with Content services runnin on both the cluster nodes.

           One of the process, which is configured to have watched folder end point. This process reads the document from watched folder and stores the same

           in specified content space structure.  When it is stored in content space we store the node id of the same for future reference.


           Now we have run into a situation where content from watched folder is read by Cluster Node A and stored it in Content Space under content services

      running on Cluster Node A. Now say after 5 mins we need to retrieve the same content but this time the process to read the content from content space runs on Node B.

        Content is read using retrieveContent service by passing node id which we have stored earlier but some reason it is not able to find the content.

      Does Livecycle automatically synchronises the cluster nodes for content and how often does it happen?

      Any suggestion on how to get around this issue.