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    [AIR] UI View Handeling

    Wimbo19 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I am a new Flex and Air developer who loves to work with all the featers given by adobe to build small and large desktop application. I always used the viewStack component to show all my custom compontents in the application. For example the same idea you have on a webpage.


      I never figured out how to manage all these components. So that if I have a mailing form shown in the application, and if you push the submit button... you go to a following screen saying the mail has been send.


      I'm learning the Swiz framework right now... is there anything inside there or something?.



      Well, I hope people understand me and are able to help me.


      Kind regards,



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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          What do you mean  by manage, do you mean from an architectural perspective as in which classes control

          the view stack index, calling remote services and so forth.  Or do you mean from a UI/UX perspective, meaning how the application flows and

          appears to the user ?

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            Wimbo19 Level 1

            Well, Like you have a application like Microsoft Word for example... all the menu's and options are always on the same position. But all the changes appear in the main screen... so if your writing a simple text you just type, but if you are typing some text on a envelope, the main view changes.


            Man this is so hard to explain... basicly its how you manage all the custom components in the center screen without changing all the default menu's around it.


            My english sucks at the moment... just woke up

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              aktell2007 Level 1

              Well, what is your first language than ???

              What you are looking for I think is to work with modules or Stages which work within one module but not the other !