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    resize quicktime mov and click to pop-up

    mustangdesigner Level 1

      I have converted a wmv the client provided to a mov to use on the website.  The goal is to have the video start automatically in a small corner of the page with an option to click to a larger screen.


      When using the wmv file and reducing the height and width in the code the video resizes but loads jerky and does not pop up to a large video



      I converted to a quicktime mov but when I resize that it only shows a chunk of the video not the full image in a smaller size.  How do I fix this and will a quicktime video automatically give the option of clicking to enlarge?



      Which format is going to get me where I need to go on this?  Open to other suggestions as well.  I've seen others just embed YouTube but I'm trying to avoid that.  longtailvideo.com was suggested but I have heard no other comments about that option--good or bad.


      Please help--client needs results!