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    Feeding 2 program monitors

    Bill Heslip Level 1

      I'm in the process of configuring a new studio setup and want to provide an HD program-out feed to a second monitor for my use, as well as a third monitor for client viewing (clone).  The video card in use is at GTX 470.


      A second graphics card seems to be a popular option, but is this really necessary?  All I want to accomplish is splitting a video signal to two different devices, something similar to this:


      <http://us.startech.com/product/DVISPL1DH-1-ft-DVI-D-to-DVI-D-and-HDMI-Splitter-Cable-Male- to-Female>


      But I'm concerned about hardware handshakes and proper signal strength using such a device.


      What is the most elegant solution?  Is a powered DVI distribution amplifier or a second graphics card the better option?