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    Embedded PDFs using Reader X



      I am developing a kiosk application that uses Reader X to display PDFs of content embedded in an ASP page.  I've used this application with Reader 9.4 and have used the following embed tag:


      <embed id='pdfDisplay' src='Maps/IDMap1.pdf#toolbar=0&navpanes=0&scrollbar=0&view=fit' width='900' height='600' />


      All the toolbars, navpanes, and scrollbars hide just fine so that the user's access is limited to just viewing the document.  Now, installing Reader X and accessing a PDF hides everything as expected, but going to another page in my application then returning to the page with the embedded PDF and opening the same PDF document shows a floating toolbar on the document, showing buttons for printing, saving the PDF, zoom in/out, and a button to reveal all of the toolbars.  Obviously, this isn't secure or acceptable for a kiosk application to allow the access to the full set of Reader toolbars to the user. I've forced the page with the embedded PDF to do a full refresh when accessing the page, but it still comes up with that floating toolbar.


      Similar behavior occurs on these examples: http://blogs.adobe.com/pdfdevjunkie/2007/08/using_the_html_embed_tag_to_di.html  The second example has everything hidden including the floating toolbar, but refreshing the page brings the floating toolbar back, done in Firefox and IE.


      Something tells me this might be a bug.


      Any ideas?



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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes it's a bug. The child instance of Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) spawned by the web browser isn't properly reinitialized when you do a page refresh, and it doesn't take account of the "toolbar" parameter being passed as it did the first time it opened. We've known about it for a while, which is why I kinda cheated with my instructions...


          The workaround (as used in said cheat) is to show the navigation pane icons (&navpanes=1), which are mutually exclusive to Read Mode and so force it to shut down - this works reliably no matter what you do with your browser buttons. If you want nothing in your window other than the PDF page and don't want Read Mode to appear on refreshes, then you'll need to switch to full screen mode at the document level until the bug is fixed.

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            LLMax00 Level 1

            Thanks, Dave!


            Unfortunately, our customers will be the ones creating and adding their PDF documents to the application for display, so we can't depend on them having Acrobat, let alone setting the full screen mode for the documents they want to use.


            I think our solution for now will have to be installing 9.4 until the bug is resolved.


            Thanks again for your tip!