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    activeMovie Window pop up

    frootjooce Level 1

      I've recently finished a project however clients have come back with an issue where video in the project plays in a separate window instead of the projector programme window.  There is quite a lot on the general forums relating to this and it seems this is an issue experienced when running Window XP in conjunction with Window Media Player 11.


      I have eliminated the problem on a test machine by rolling back to WMP10 and reinstalling the VC1 wmv codec.  But clearly that isn't a solution for a distributed DVD.


      Has anyone experienced this and are there any known workarounds??

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          frootjooce Level 1

          I think I may have an answer to my own question here.  I am not 100% sure but believe the problem emanates from using video files encoded on a mac.  When I re-encoded the video files from the source media on my PC the problem disappeared.  Likely then that there is something in the file structure of the mac files that confuses the PC when it tries to launch the video.