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    xscaling please help im really confused


      Please could someone help me. I am xscaling some movie clips.

      I have two movie clips, one large box, and a second smaller box. I need to xscale both these movie clips by 80% therefore i coded:

      boxOne_mc._xscale = 80;
      boxTwo_mc._xscale = 80;

      This works they are scaled by 80%

      However i then position the smaller box into an exact place on the larger box, for example directly in the bottom left corner.

      Then i need to xscale the boxes back to 100%, again the code is much the same as above, but they rescale back to full size no problem. However the position of the smaller box is no longer directly in the bottom left corner??!!!

      I have tried changing the registration points but that doesnt work?

      Any suggestions on how i can xscale the two movie clips keeping their positioning relative to their original positions???

      Please help this is really puzzling me?!?

      Many thanks i am very grateful :D