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    Launch webhelp Topic from a web application; problem calling another topic

    Philip Tory Level 1

      My client has a web application for which I have created a WebHelp Help Guide.


      I have RH8 v8.0.2.208 running on Windows XP SP3.


      When the user clicks a Help icon on the web app screen, it launches a corresponding Help topic. The developer has managed to launch the full Help Guide, at the required topic, by using something like "help/imrd_help.htm#edit_subject_details.htm". So far, so good: this works fine for the first topic.


      But if the user leaves the Help Guide open, switches back to the web app, works through to another page in the web app, and clicks for a new Help Topic (say, "help/imrd_help.htm#add_new_user.htm"), the old topic stays on screen: the Help Guide does not update to the required Help topic.


      Any ideas how to fix this please, so that it calls the new topic?