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    fill color also creates unwanted border

    JennyAnnRowe Level 1



      I am using a conditional statement that adds fill color to a check box and a subform field when the check box is checked. The color fills in properly (and upon de-selection, it disappears) as it is supposed to, but on some fields, there is also appearing an unwanted border around the check box. Not only does the border appear, but it fails to disappear upon de-selection. 


      So, my response is, Say What?! Hoping someone can let me know what is going on and how to get rid of the border.


      Here's the exact code I have applied to one of the check boxes and which is creating a border as well.

      if (TakeTAKSAcc.rawValue==1){TAKSAccSubjects.presence="visible",this.fillColor="238,238,238" ;}else{TAKSAccSubjects.presence="hidden",this.fillColor="255,255,255";}