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    Need advice on exporting to .MOV from Flash


      I'm creating an introductory video for readers of my webcomic. Because I  know Flash, I'm creating it there. Basically it's a voiceover with some  static comic images getting panned and zoomed around, with some sound  effects and such.

      They key thing is that I want this to be easily shared. The best way for  that (I think - open to other opinions) is to get the final file  uploaded to YouTube and saved as a YouTube video, which I then embed on  my site. YT vids are extremely easy to share and email around. This  gives me the best option for getting the most eyeballs on it.

      The problem I have had in the past is that exporting a Flash file to  .mov makes a MASSIVE file, size-wise. This video will be like 3 minutes  long, I'm a little worried that the file size might be too big to upload  to YT. Also, in general the exported .mov looks like garbage compared  to the SWF.

      I know you can modify the Quicktime compression settings and such when  exporting, but I am not sure what the optimal settings are.

      What are your thoughts? Looking for any good advice...