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    CS3 issue with ProRes files with projects over 8bpc


      Strange issue with ProRes clips I have had in AE projects in the past. Running CS3 on an Intel Mac with 10.5.8. If I bring an SD clip encoded in ProRes and I have the project set to anything over 8bit (16 or float) the clip just turns to noise, both in a comp and in the project viewer window. I can open the clip in AE (double click) and it appears just fine, same with just opening from the desktop. HD clips encoded into ProRes don't have any issue. The strange thing is that I have had some of this material in past projects with no problem. Nothing has really changed on this box since this cropped up. I've trashed prefs and resaved interpretation rules file, with no success. I also stripped out QT components to make sure I was not having a codec conflict. Has anyone run into something similar?


      I have a very similar set up at home and I am not having any issue with these same files.