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    Free ebook question?


      I have attempted to download a free ebook to Adobe Digital Editions and would like to transfer to my Nook.  I can see the ebook in Digital Editions when I download it, and can read the ebook on line.  However, I cannot seem to get the ebook into the Library.  When I go to the Library view the ebook disappears.

      The only book in my Library is one that we borrowed from the local library.  I have tried dragging it over and nothing seems to work.  I am new to this process so I would apprecite some help.  Thx.

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          BFL Brooks Level 1

          Could you clarify a few things? Are you using an original nook or the nook color? When you say "The only book in my Library is one that we borrowed from the local  library.  I have tried dragging it over and nothing seems to work." it's not quite clear whether you are talking about a book in your Nook Library or the ADE Library. And are you dragging your local library book or the free ebook you downloaded?


          I have not had a chance to play with the regular Nook, but I know that with a Nook Color when you download a local library book or free book from, say, Project Gutenberg, it does not show up in your Nook Library. Instead, after you transfer the book to the Nook Color you have to go to My Files and find it in one of the folders there (the library book shows up under the folder Digital Editions, iirc.)


          Hope that helps, and if not, clarifying the previous information might spur someone else's response.

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            68Sonny Level 1

            Thanks for attempting to help me.


            I have found the free book that I was testing this download on several sites

            (The Call of the Wild by Jack London) including Project Gutenberg such as

            manybooks.net.  I select download in epub format.


            The book shows up in Adobe Digital Editions in the book view area.  I can

            page through the book and could read the book from this view.

            However, if I tab over to the Library view the book is not there.  The only

            books that are visible there are ones we downloaded from the San Diego

            Public Library which automatically show up in the library view.  We are able

            to get these books transferred over to my wife's Kindle but there are

            several steps involved.  You can go to Documents, open up Adobe Digital

            Editions and find the book files listed there.  With the Kindle I have to

            remove the EDRM protection and then I can move the books over the a program

            called Calbre to load them on the Kindle.


            In the case of the ebook I am trying to transfer to our Nook (it is a

            regular Nook not the color edition).  When I flip over to Library View in

            Adobe Digital Editions the book will disappear.  To me it seems it would

            reside somewhere on my computer and I have tried to find it by looking in

            Documents.  For example if I open the document file titled Adobe Digital

            Editions I see all of the library books we have downloaded but the Call of

            the Wild does not show.  There is a file with today's date on it titled

            Manifest.xml.  It is only 6kb,  When I open it I see the manybooks.net home

            page and a bunch of other illegible data.


            If I could figure out where the book resides perhaps I  could retrieve it.

            There is also in the Adobe Digitial Editions Documents file called

            "thumbnails" with today's date.  When you click on that you see the cover of

            all the books we have downloaded including the Call of the Wild all 14 times

            I have attempted to get the book.


            I guess I am missing a step...but I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


            Again, thank you for taking the time to answer.



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              Betsy Holzgraf Level 1

              I just started following this discussion as I had the same problem yesterday with getting the free book on my Nook. No one answered my question but I looked back at a similar question and found a convoluted way around the problem; whatever works! I have a MAC; don't know if that makes a difference but I think it shouldn't. When I download a free ebook the file goes in my "downloads" folder on my hard drive. I can't drag and drop from that folder, but if I do a "Find" for the book and it appears in the results page of that find I can drag it to the Nook icon and drop it. Then I have to put that file in the "Digital Editions" file on the Nook and bingo, there's the book ready to read. Since you haven't posted anything since early February you may already have solved the problem. If you've found a better way to do can you let me know?

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                68Sonny Level 1

                Thank you for taking the time to try and help.  I finally found the file and

                was able to get it onto the Nook.


                We found a great free software called Calibre E Book Management that I also

                use.  My wife has an Amazon Kindle that I bought her.  She loves to get

                books from the local public library....but the Kindle did not support E-Pub

                books.  I did a little research and found that their are "Digital Rights

                Management" issues that prevented me loading the books through Calibre to

                the Kindle.  I bought some software that removes the DRM protection (which

                is not an issue with the Nook) and then I am able to load the books on her

                Kindle using Calibre.  She likes the Kindle becaue it is 4 oz lighter than

                the Nook.


                In any event, this has been a learning process and we are still challenged

                with the right steps as we are going along.


                Again, thank you for taking the time to try and help.  Enjoy your Nook.





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                  Hi Al!


                  Let me follow up with a quick 'well done' - and a caution.


                  Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used to protect copyrights.  If you

                  remove DRM from a book, you are violating the Digital Millenium Copyright

                  Law, and could be prosecuted for that.



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                    68Sonny Level 1

                    Thank you.