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    Is there anyway to embed or hide a FLV playback interface file?


      We're currently developing a small Flash application to display our company's capabilties. This application will be stored on a small USB thumb drive that we give to our potential clients. When the thumb drive is accessed, users will see two folders "Media" and "Other"; and an SWF file entitled "Start." There is; however, one more file that displays: the interface/skin file that we used for our FLV videos (entitled "SkinUnderPlaySeekStop.swf"). If this file is not included in the same location as the main SWF file, the interface/skin will not display on the video.


      We would like only the two folders and the main SWF file to be displayed on the root of the thumb drive. Is there anyway to move the interface/skin file into another folder (for example, the "Other" folder) and call it up from that location within the original FLA file?


      Thanks in advance for any replies.