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    What am I not doing right?


      I have never used Premier Elements before.  I am          going crazy trying to import your file into a project..


      After I open Premier the only menus          that are not grayed out are open a project and New Project.  So I          create a project name and click Ok then I get the message that Pro and          Elements are not compatible and I should use the proper program to open          this.   And...I don't even have a file imported into the          project yet.


      Sorry .  I know there is probability some small          thing I am overlooking just to get started on my first project.           Its not like I am a neophyte with computers but with this program          (designed entirely in India) I am. going nuts.  If I go to Organize and click on a video file then click on Edit in Premier, Premier opens but without the file I clicked on in Organize and without a means to import it either as the "get media from" is grayed out in the menu.  What the heck am I missing here?  Can someone please help me get over this bump... Thanks.